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DYNEMECH SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. is a leading manufacturer of Roller Burnishing Tools in North India manufacturing Internal Burnishing Tools, External Burnishing Tools, Carbide Roller Burnishing Tools and Taper Burnishing Tools that provide a cost effective method to achieve a superior surface finish.

Roller burnishing is a cold working process in which highly polished and hardened rollers roll over the surface and high peaks of the surface roughness cold flows into the cavities, thereby imparting smooth surface finish of the order of 0.05 µm Ra and close dimensional tolerance. The surface so obtained is work hardened; wear resistant, fatigue and corrosion resistant. Roller burnishing is an economical process as compared to grinding, honing and lapping.

We produce roller-burnishing tools for burnishing internal diameters, external diameters, tapered holes/ shafts, radius and flat parts. Steel, cast iron, aluminum, bronze and all other metals of hardness up to 30 HRC can be easily and readily roller burnished. Our burnishing tools are attachable to lathes, boring machines, drills , NC machines and any rotating spindle machine where either the component or the tool can be rotated. Moreover, parts are interchangeable over a range of sizes and tools can be disassembled quickly to convert to new sizes or to replace wear parts.

Main Applications:
  • Pump/ Electric motor and covers
  • Fuel injection pumps
  • Water body
  • Rocker arms
  • Door closers
  • Valves
  • Connecting rods
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Bearing housings
  • Piston GP holes
  • Wherever high dimensional tolerance and glossy finish is required.

Features :
  • Low production cost.
  • Close dimensional tolerance.
  • Work hardened & wear resistant surface.
  • Smooth low microinich surface finish.
  • Fatigue & corrosion resistant surface.
  • Internal dia, external dia, tapered radius and flat parts of steel cast iron, aluminum, bronze etc. of hardness upto 35 HRC can be quickly roller burnished.

Internal Burnishing Tools

Series DT & DB
  • DT -Thru Bore Series
  • DB -Blind Bore Series
  • DT & DB series are designed to burnish long thru & blind bores upto 60 mm respectively. In DT series rollers are positioned at a helix angle to provide self feed.
Internal burnishing tools series DT & DB

Model Bore dia mm ADJ. Range mm Shank Size Reach (mm)
        R R1 R2 R3
DT/DB 500-1000 05-10 -0.1/+0.2 MT1 50 90 150 NA
DT/DB 1100-1300 11-13 -0.1/+0.3 MT1 50 90 150 NA
DT/DB 1400-2400 14-24 -0.2/+0.4 MT2 50 90 150 300
DT/DB 2500-4000 25-40 -0.2/+0.6 MT2 100 150 300 400
DT/DB 4100-6000 41-60 -0.2/+0.6 MT2/MT3 100 150 300 400

Series DE & DU
  • DE -Thru Bore Series.
  • DU -Blind Bore Series.
  • DE & DU series are designed to burnish long thru & blind bores of 61 mm and above respectively.
Internal burnishing tools series DE & DU

Model Bore dia mm ADJ. Range mm Shank Size Reach MM
DE/DU 6100-12400 61-124 -0.2/+0.7 MT3/MT4 300
DE/DU 12500-15000 125-150 -0.2/+0.7 MT4/MT5 350
Note : Tools of higher reach and bigger dia. are available on request.